The perfect place to fly: Top 10 destinations where it's better to fly than on a plane, i. e. if you are going by train

Train travels at a speed of 56 km / h. This is the average speed of our mass transit system - the most popular and the fastest in the world. Take, for example, the flight from Tokyo to Seoul in the Republic of Korea. The journey takes 8 hours and 10 minutes on average. Japan is at the top of the league for train travel: we have the 3rd fastest trains in the world. Next is France, and then Germany. The United States is a world leader in rail tourism, we are followed by the Europeans. Germany is ahead of the European Union in terms of economic and social benefits. The U. S. has almost 2% the country's population. The country is important for high-speed trains with high-quality trains. According to statistics from the Federal Ministry of Railways, the ratio of passenger to train traffic on national rails is 3:1. It is followed by the United Kingdom (2:1), and then by France (1:1). The Chinese are also interested in our high-speed trains: according to statistics from the Chinese railway company, the ratio of train traffic to population on the Beijing – Shanghai railway is 6:1. The optimal ratio for China is 7:1. If you are going from Tokyo to Beijing, the train journey time should be no faster than 15 hours. Japan is a great country for rail tourism, there are many great train routes. The most popular types of trains include: passenger, express, high-speed. In Japan, there are many train stations that are often not included in the tourist route. For example, in Tokyo, trains from the Osaka line go directly to Kansai, but in some places there are train stations that connect Tokyo and Osaka. However, on the other hand, there are train stations that connect Tokyo and Odaiba. In order to travel around the country, it is best to use public transport: buses, trains, suburban trains. People walk in Japan: the terrain is different, the weather is hot, there are many hills, and trains are very slow. trains travel at up to 80 km/h. In order to walk more than 70 km, you need to use public transport: buses, express trains, high-speed trains. Trekking in Japan: the terrain is beautifulThere are many hiking trails in Japan. There are many trails for every taste and color. There are many mountain passes and trails that allow you to get lost. You can start exploring these places at the beginning of January. In July, you can go to the coast of Sakhalin. There are good waterfalls and tourist destinations. The sea is calm. In the summer, it is cool in Japan. In July, you can go skiing in the